Loyalty points

When you buy in our store you get loyalty points
1 loyalty point is 1 € for purchases for goods for 10 €.
For example:
Purchase for 49€ per goods + 5.94€ shipping cost = 54.94€ total
For this purchase (for goods 49 €) you get 4 loyalty points = 4€
The loyalty points are valid for 6 months. If points are not used within 6 months,
then they automatically expire.
You can used only points whose validity does not exceed six months.

How to use your points:
- log in to your account
- go to "My account" at the bottom of the page
- click on "My loyalty points"
- generate a voucher - save the code
- use the code when you place a new order

  If you use a different currency, then our system converts your purchases into EURO
(for loyalty points).