Conditions of Use

The owner of the company ELECTRO-TV is Jan Kostecki
                 74-100 Pniewo ul. Topolowa 3 POLAND
                 NIP PL8581371043
                 REGON 810666901

1. ELEKTRO-TV Online Store, located on the website at allows you to make purchases via the Internet.

2. Prices of goods in online store ELEKTRO-TV are given EURO and include VAT (gross price).



3. User-specified e-mail address and the phone can be used to implement requests.

4. The basic condition for the realization of purchases is to properly fill the order form, provided by ELEKTRO-TV on the sides online store.

5. In the event of circumstances preventing full or part-time execution of the contractELEKTRO-TV reserves the right to suspend the execution of the contract - about the situation agree to notify the Purchaser.

6. Incorrectly filled order forms will not be considered.

7. Purchased goods are delivered to the address indicated in the order form.

8. Shipping costs are borne by the purchaser. In certain cases, where it allows ELEKTRO-TV, the fee for delivery of ordered goods can be passed on to ELEKTRO-TV.


10. goods offered in the online store ELEKTRO-TV are used, tested, efficient, warranted seller and provided with the document of purchase.

11. In the case of a complaint, please contact the ELEKTRO-TV. The basis for initiating a complaint procedure is a proof of purchase and the seal intact.

12. The customer has the right to withdraw from the contract without giving any reasons within the period specified applicable law. Be held at the same time the cost of shipping the goods to the store.




13. W / in general terms, the procedure for submission and execution of orders, the guarantees and complaints can be changed every customer request and tailored to their requirements and expectations.


14. If any of the provisions of the general conditions, the procedures for submission and execution of orders, warranties and complaints policy is contrary to the applicable provisions of the Civil Code, the Law on the protection of consumers' rights, contains in its content of abusive clauses, or will be entered into the Register of Prohibited Clauses Office Competition and Consumer Protection, automatically cease to be valid for the customers of the shop.


15. In matters not regulated, the provisions of the Civil Code and the Law on the Protection of Certain Consumer Rights and liability for damage caused by dangerous products of 31 March 2000. OJ poz.271 22), as amended.